Shawn Claude Jones



Orchestral Score for The Tender Cut featured at “Not Games” Installation in St. Petersburg, Russia!

New Reviews!
“The standout is the original score by Shawn Jones. His music is both atmospheric and intimate. At times he is practical and uses violin for a baby's cries, but in other moments creates circus soundscapes filled with heart-pumping snare drums. It's the kind of score that perfectly supports the narrative but is original enough to make me want to download at it home.”
New York Theatre Review, August 2014, re: Little Mother

“A beautiful original score by Shawn Jones accompanies and drives the performers, becoming an extension of the characters at times.”
NYTheater Now, August 2014, re: Little Mother

My new Cinematic Audio Reel is up! Take a listen to it here.

I’m excited to announce my latest score, Suite for Little Mother, will be featured in the New York premier of Little Mother, at the NY International Fringe Festival! Congrats to the playwright, Katie Green!

Music Composition & Sound Design

He's soundtracking Chris Ware panels...these arrangements twist and turn unexpectedly, exploring blind alleys and strange avenues ...”